The Boob Suit Project

Various performances with a selfmade "Boob Suit" made of textiles, foam and filled with two pilates balls. Initially as a part of my master project at the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, 2015. 

The Boob Suit Project : Bergen Kunsthall

  The Ma-show,

  Discount Parachutes


Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum

Photo: Jiska Huizing

Photo: Jiska Huizing

The Boob Suit Project: In the Woods

Video shown during Discount Parachutes at Bergen


Kunsthall, 2015:

The Boob Suit Project: ByBanen

Performance at the Tram in Bergen during morning rush hour. Bergen, 2015: 

The Boob Suit Project: On a Horse

Riding in the district outside Bergen, 2015:

Photo: Jiska Huizing

The Boob Suit Project: Trampoline


Oslo, 2016.

The Boob Suit Project: Post performance...