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Winter Solstice

Dec. 2017

Ongoing collaboration with


Performance at Alcatel Tower, Økern.

Oslo Dec. 2017.

Photos: Anne Cecilie Lie

Their last performance was at Winter Solstice in Oslo, where the public caught them in their bathroom behind a large shower curtain. There they washed up and got ready for the evening, did yoga, had a stretching contest and finally had a Yenga tournament.

During the last part, they reached out to the public and invited a team of two to play against them. For the game to be fair the two opponents had to share some of the same challenges as Skiwi and Cocobutt. Therefore one was blindfolded while the other was not allowed to use his/her hands. (Skiwi & Cocobutt won! But the other team got a melon anyway.)


Skiwi warming up with some skiing before the show

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