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Skiwi and Cocobutt are two characters that live together: Skiwi is a kiwi with skis, Cocobutt is a large coconut with a butt. They live their lives just as humans do. The only thing that is different is their physical appearance; Cocobutt, like all regular coconuts, has three holes through which two legs and one arm is sticking out. Cocobutt does not have eyes, so the hole with the arm is also used for orientation. Skiwi on the other hand, has eyes, but no arms and a permanent pair of skis attached to its legs. This makes daily routines like eating breakfast, reading the newspaper and vacuuming challenging. Skiwi and Cocobutt are therefore totally depending on each other’s help in order to get around in society.

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Skiwi & Cocobutt has performed at Winter Solstice (2017) and  Galleri Bokboden (2014) :

Skiwi & Cocobutt:

Hanging in the bathroom

Winter Solstice


Poster (final).jpg

Skiwi & Cocobutt:


Bergen 2014

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